Is Welding Dangerous?

If you don’t think much about it, it would seem that welding is not really dangerous. After all, it is just a process of bonding two metals together. What could be the huge danger in that? However, in order to ensure that two metals are fused permanently, it’s necessary to use potentially-hazardous heat sources like gas flames, electric resistance and still a lot more. And this is why, one can say that welding might not be the most dangerous career you can choose – but it still can be hazardous.

Not only that welding is dangerous to your outer appearance as you can get burned if you won’t watch it, at the same time, it is also dangerous to your health. Yes, prolonged exposure to some of the toxic materials that are used in the process can cause lung cancer in time. This is why, if you happen to be a welder, you should make sure that you wear all the needed safety gears. You should not take chances even if it will make you uncomfortable while doing your job, like maybe you are already sweating inside and so on. You have to note that there is a reason why those protective gears are required.

When you are welding, here are the things you should watch out:

  • Electric shock

This is one of the most common setbacks when welding. This can cause serious injuries from fall as a reaction to the shock or death which is the result of the shock itself.

  • Fumes and gasses

The two mentioned elements can cause serious damage to your health when you are always exposed to them. This is why you need to orient yourself to the safety precautions so you can apply them to yourself. You also need to wear the needed safety gears, as what is mentioned above.

  • Fire and explosions

Fire and explosions can happen when one is not heeding to the safety measures that are required in welding. You cannot undermine the threat as once this will happen, it will be hard for you to avoid getting the fall. Some will even die because of this.

There are still a number of things you need to watch when you are welding. The bottom line is, this task is dangerous, and this is why, there are safety gears to use and you will be oriented with safety measures. You need to follow them to the letter.