Plasma Arc Welding – Perfect For Precision Jobs

Plasma arc welding is a kind of welding process in which metals are being reduced to liquid through heating. The plasma arc is created by hot ionized gases that contribute to the fusion of the joints. The heat that’s used can be adjusted and is more versatile than other types of welding processes.

The important parts or components of PAW (Plasma Arc Welding)

This kind of welding is of no use without its important components. It has a power supply, which requires a high electric current for the electrode and welding plate; a plasma welding torch, that is considered to have a great role and importance in the welding process; a tungsten electrode, that is of non-consumable as it can bear up against very high temperature; and a plasma gas, which serves as the source of energy for welding.

How does it benefit the commercial industries?

There are a lot of advantages that plasma arc welding offers. The most important part, the plasma welding torch, makes possible to better control the arc. By using this kind of welding process, a cleaner and smoother weld can be achieved. Because of the high energy used, those metals or pieces that seem to be hard can be easily welded.

What are the applications of the PAW method?

Known to the knowledge and understanding of the professional commercial welders, this kind of welding process is very popular as it is used in wide range of applications, most especially those jobs that demand for accuracy and precision to be fully functional.

When it comes to designing, developing, manufacturing, and producing of motor vehicles, steel tubes are important because they are the major components that are used in hydraulic lifts and other machines of the vehicles. The PAW method takes a crucial role in manufacturing as is it way faster than the other welding processes.

The PAW process is also employed in the marine and aerospace industries. The metals used in ships are thin sheets while aerospace uses stainless steel which welding process works best. The heat effect produced by the plasma arc has high temperature that can be used to fuse joints.

PAW can also be of great help in manufacturing computers that have delicate and sensitive parts. This is also for works that need a very low electric current. Computers have what called electronic chips that is very much sensitive when exposed to too much heat. For the welding of metals and other work pieces, this kind of welding process is the best choice.